According to the Global Firepower annual report, which evaluates the military force of every country, Serbia has the largest military force in the region — it ranked in the 61st place.

The assessment also found that Serbia had the potential to grow its military force. Right after Serbia, in the 62nd place, is Croatia, with Bulgaria taking the 67th place. Montenegro is in the 132nd place, and North Macedonia ranked 135th. The military force of Albania took the 115th place. Montenegro ranked 132nd out of a total of 142 countries that were taken into consideration.

The annual report evaluates countries by a variety of criteria ranging from the diversity of weapons and available manpower, to geographic location and financial might, in order to estimate which nations dominate the world in military power.

More than 50 criteria are included in the assessment, Kosovo Online reported the writing of the Albanian Post.

The United States of America ranked first, followed by Russia, China and India. Japan, South Korea, France, the United Kingdom, Pakistan and Brazil are also in the top 10.

Turkey and Iran took 13th and 14th place, respectively, reported Beta.