Republika Srpska President Željka Cvijanović has pointed out today that what hinders the success of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is not sanctions against individuals, but the foreign factor’s chronic turning a blind eye to real problems.

“With interventions and unconstitutional experiments, they contributed significantly, perhaps decisively, to this nightmare BiH is going through,” Cvijanović told the UNA portal.

Cvijanović, who is also SNSD partiy’s deputy leader and the party’s candidate for the position of the Serb BiH Presidency member, emphasized that, if she is elected to the BiH Presidency, she plans to go to Sarajevo and do her job in accordance with the Constitution and in the interest of Republika Srpska.

Speaking about the sanctions imposed by Great Britain, Cvijanović stated they were not aggravating for her, because they were created out of spite and with rather rude and completely incorrect explanations.

She assessed that the sanctions arose mainly out of malice towards the fact that Republika Srpska defends the Constitution, not what they tried to do with the Constitution in conjunction with the Bosniak parties.

She notes that cooperation with internationals is necessary,

“Whether we will understand each other better does not depend only on us. If we are talking about cooperation within BiH, it is necessary and much needed. Again, whether it will be realized does not depend only on Republika Srpska. I believe that the exclusivity of political Sarajevo and the desire for domination is the biggest obstacle to normal coexistence. The violent creation of a civil state is not realistic and makes things more difficult,” said Cvijanović.

Speaking about Mirko Šarović (SDS), as a rival candidate for the position of the BiH Presidency member, Cvijanović assessed that he was colourless and not brave enough to oppose political Sarajevo’s demands for unconstitutional centralization of BiH. That is why, she added, it would be preferable for both Sarajevo and internationals to see him winning, but it is the people who decide.