Members of the German Bundeswehr will arrive to Bosnia and Herzegovina in mid-August, to serve as part of EUFOR’s Liaison Observation Teams (LOT).

Their arrival will bring the number of countries participating in the military mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina up to 20.

The arrival of the new contingent is being justified by citing the need to preserve peace, even though it is precisely the representatives of the numerous European countries that keep an atmosphere of fear.

Experts are warning that the EUFOR mission is not contested, but its justification is, given that it is pointing the finger at the Republic of Srpska, instead of the true source of the threats – the Federation, which is tallying up manpower and drones.

The return of Germany’s military presence goes to show that the West has not given up on its wishes and intentions concerning the countries in the Western Balkans. Their control of political processes is not news, but now the foreign political pressure in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be counting with military support.