The Ambassador of the United States Christopher Hill visited the Radio-Television of Serbia yesterday and toured the section of the building which had been hit in the NATO airstrikes on Yugoslavia. In an interview for the RTS, Hill expressed his sorrow over the loss of lives of people who were only doing their jobs.

During his visit to the RTS, the United States Ambassador Christopher Hill also visited the area of the building that was damaged in the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia.

“First and foremost, I would like to express my sorrow over the loss of lives of the people who were doing their jobs here in this studio. For me, this is a reminder of a sad era, an era of bad relations between Serbia and the United States and NATO countries, but I do hope that it is an era that people are able to remember and then try to find a better era, better relations with these countries, and it is my hope that we never see something like this again,” said Hill to RTS.