It has recently become common to judge numerous politicians as insane, saying that this is the only thing that could explain their actions with unforeseeable consequences. It is well known that this is typically used to cover up the essence of their actions, as well as obfuscate the responsibility of the forces and factors that support them and entice them to evil. Later, after tragic conflicts or wars are over, this “insanity” is used as an alibi for all those who genuinely, openly and persistently supported them. Shifting blame on the subsequently diagnosed and discovered “lunatics” washes off blame from anyone and anything else, including the deserved blame from entire nations. Blame is reduced to someone’s individual clinical psychiatric diagnosis.

A book about narcotics in the Third Reich called Blitzed: Drugs In Nazi Germany by Norman Ohler, explores the role of opiates in the German military in the Second World War, with an abundance of stated facts and evidence. It makes a case for Hitler’s dependence on a drug “which alleviates pain and dulls the senses, but the Führer appeared completely sober: It was the real Hitler, the same as he ever was”.

“Goals and motives, the ideological manic world, none of that was the result of the drugs, it had all been previously established. Hitler did not even kill because of his oblivion, on the contrary, he remained sane until the very end. His drug use had in no sense limited his freedom to make decisions. Hitler was the master of his senses at all times, he knew exactly what he was doing, and he did it in cold blood and with an alert mind”. And, “he did not kill alone”.

“Insanity” Without Resistance

It is often said in our media that Albin Kurti is insane, and that everything he is doing to the remaining Serbs in our southern province can be written down to his insanity, all of the terror, violence and all kinds of cruelty that he inflicts on them. And not just that, he is literally staging an armed provocation of the Serbian military with the intention to turn the Balkans into a new war zone in Europe, or at least to cause serious instability.

It is characteristic that this “insanity” is not being met with any resistance from within the Albanian society in Kosovo, nor political organizations and the non-governmental sector. Nor any other institutions of the so-called state of Kosovo.

The fact that Kurti is flagrantly violating all, literally every single one of international contracts and conventions is not being met with any reaction of the international factors from the West, and Brussels in particular. The Brussel administration, which has been entrusted with implementing international agreements and United Nations resolutions, has no power or interest in treating Kurti’s “insanity”. That right has been effectively stripped from them by the United States, which is merely a copied pattern from the era of the breakdown of former Yugoslavia. You assign to the European representatives a task to resolve a problem, and then you try your level best to interfere and prevent them from doing so, and then you go and demonstrate that you are the only one able to resolve the problem you made. Now even those nuances are gone, because the European Union has fully fallen under the authority of the United States of America.

I do not actually know what Kurti’s mental condition is, and I do find him rather suspicious in that regard, but I do know that there absolutely is a system to his insanity and that it is being abundantly fed by the embassies of the Quint and the KFOR. They cannot touch him because they are simply not quite normal enough to be prepared to treat him.

This joint affliction is currently progressing, because Kurti clearly said that in a couple weeks he will continue with the same thing he was doing a week ago. The “insanity”, therefore, lives on.

In the Footsteps of Our Ancestors?

Zelenskyy’s Ukrainian Army is even offering to help him with that. They have plenty of manpower. They also have so many weapons that they are selling them off across the world. Many are saying that Zelenskyy is also “insane”, but he at least has a great and historical result to show for it: he has set back what he has left of Ukraine by at least a hundred years. He moved the citizens of his country out and introduced them into the European Union. He is also being “treated” by letting him have a worldwide television show and address every parliament under the sun, so he can lecture every Western leader in his green pajamas, which I find especially enjoyable. And all those people in the West are not quite normal enough to notice that they are dealing with a “lunatic”. Insanity is being completely normalized.

It is likely that this process has taken such a hold that there is no organized political or intellectual force in European countries that could ask its leaders a few questions: why don’t we have hot water, why don’t we have heating, why aren’t we taking showers, why aren’t the lights on, where did the food shortage come from? How is it that we are headed into a recession? How is it that we had all of those things six months ago, as well as in all the previous decades? Was it all based on the low prices of Russian gas and Russian oil? Is this what all of the competence of our leaders and governments consisted of? Could it be that there are other reasons for such a profound crisis? Is the Drang nach Osten policy coming back, and will we be retracing the footsteps of some of our ancestors and directly reach for those energy sources that unfairly belong to Russia, as Madeleine Albright would say.

Way back when, we accepted as normal Miroslav Krleža’s explanation that the entire issue around the Independent State of Croatia was caused by “a couple truckloads of Ustasha” that suddenly rolled into Zagreb and Croatia. And perpetrated a genocide of Serbs, among other things. So we sounded “insane” when we questioned that. To this day, a portion of our public and politicians are still surprised by the innumerable daily acts of Ustasha-ism and anti-Serbian hatred, and the demonization of Aleksandar Vučić, trying to reduce it to individual examples of “insanity” and acts of crazy people, while at the same time there are no other — sane — voices or gestures. There is no mention of any sort of insanity there because it has long ago been turned into status quo. It is only insane if we are unaware of it. And this is dangerous.

Of course, there is a not insignificant amount of those in Serbia who justify all of this and even openly promote the same positions, claiming that Serbs are to blame for all of the insanity surrounding us.

The Common Denominator

It is normal that the Montenegrins found a direct historical and identity foothold in two anti-fascist movements and the tragic lessons of a fratricidal war and the need for reconciliation. They reached for the Komitadji, who turned into the only true Montenegrins, because they fought against the Great Serbian hegemony, admittedly with significant help from the Italians. And this is “insane” — someone will say tomorrow, but it is now normal and acceptable given that the outgoing government didn’t have any ideology to begin with, so it now has to somehow ideologically legitimize itself with the Komitadji.

This is why today, outside of the world, they have turned their flags into stickers and flyers, so they stick them on monasteries of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Thus, one shoves the Montenegrin coats of arms and emblems under the navel and marches straight to the Parliament of Montenegro. And the Serbs and Serbia are to blame for everything. In their megalomaniacal insanity, they think that every Serb in Čačak, Pirot, Belgrade, Kragujevac, Novi Sad and Jagodina gets out of bed in the morning thinking about how to conquer Montenegro. And then instead of doing that, they go to summer vacation among their brothers once a year, and go back home with a tan, to mind their own business and celebrate their saints, just like their brothers in Montenegro.

As we can see, there is a lot of craziness, “lunatics”, “insanity” and madness, but their common denominator is that they are always aimed against Serbia. They can’t seem to turn elsewhere. Of course, the world is full of those who are not only insane, but also underqualified for their positions, undeserving of performing the duties that they have been entrusted with. Europe is looking sad.

But when it comes to America, things are much more cheerful and romantic. Nancy Pelosi, 82, used to play in the sand when she was little, not too long ago. She dug a hole and her parents told her that she could reach China if she kept digging. This fatefully tied her to China, and so she recently flew to Taiwan, setting off all those powerful weapons in that part of the world. It was, they say, the most expensive flight of all time. Maybe her actions could be described as insane, but that would be impossible, since they are so romantic.

Milorad Vučelić

(Source: Pečat)