Member of the House of Representatives of the Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Parliamentary Assembly, Nenad Nešić, assessed that the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Council of Ministers, Bisera Turković, violated the Constitution of BiH, enforcing the policy of the SDA, and that she obviously believed that she was above the Parliamentary Assembly and the Presidency of BiH.

Nešić told SRNA that Turković, leading foreign policy instead of the BiH Presidency, was constantly violating the Constitution of BiH.

“Bisera, I will not call her a minister because she is far from a minister, she has been acting like that since she was appointed to that position. She usurped everything as far as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and foreign policy of BiH is concerned,” said Nešić, commenting on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ announcement in the Council of Ministers that “BiH is joining the US global initiative” regarding Ukraine.

He reminded that he had been waiting six months for information on official trips and expenses to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in connection with which he sent a parliamentary question.

“Unfortunately, everything goes unpunished for her. She was obliged to answer my parliamentary question, she did not deign to do so. She obviously thinks that she is above the parliament, above the Presidency and answers to her party leader, Bakir Izetbegović,” said Nešić.

In the announcement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Council of Ministers, it is stated that Bosnia and Herzegovina is joining this initiative at the invitation of US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken.

“We join in condemning the activities of the so-called filtration operation for the detention and forced deportation of Ukrainian civilians to Russia,” the statement says.