Serb member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Presidency, Milorad Dodik, has said today that having problems with Germany is not convenient, but no money is enough to destroy the character of the Serbian people, which the Germans must understand.

“When Germany passes a resolution in the Bundestag calling for the abolition of Republika Srpska and the creation of another system of governance in Bosnia and Herzegovina, then we must oppose it,” Dodik told the press, commenting on allegations that Germany had stopped funding for the barracks of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Doboj.

He stated in Stričići on Manjača that it was a lie that “Siemens” had stopped the reconstruction of the generator on Trebišnjica.

“When they send you Christian Schmidt, who ignores everything leading to even greater disorder in BiH, then you have to react. They also send some soldiers who defend their interests, then we have to say – thank you for your money,” said Dodik.

He pointed out that 80 percent of the funds Germany gave to Republika Srpska were loans being duly returned by the Srpska institutions.

“If they are not interested, there are other places for placement where we can withdraw money, which is what we are doing,” said Dodik.

He noted that he agrees with Germany’s position of not allocateing money for the defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“However, how do they think to give money to the barracks in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. If they want to implement the next decision, they will not be able to in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, when it comes to defense. If they want such division of BiH, I agree. EUR 200,000 is ridiculous for Germany,” concluded Dodik.