Christian Schmidt, the self-proclaimed High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, had a strong reaction to the question N1 journalist Adisa Imamović asked him during his visit to Goražde about the Election Law.

After his response and his strong reaction, the interpreter began to translate, however, the High Representative turned even more harshly on the politicians in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Trash, complete trash!,” was the statement he used to continue his presentation, visibly angered by the situation in the country.

He said that he was taking care of Bosnia and Herzegovina, while the politicians are playing games.

“I am not just sitting or standing here, I am taking care of this country! This is a town where people had lost lives and we have not come here to play political games! And the people in this country are playing political games! Not the people, the politicians! I have had enough of this! Ask your questions, but please publish it, but keep in mind how I make my decisions and act with the people. Forgive me for being this loud, but I have had it up to here with all of these insults, which are completely false!,” Schmidt said.

The “High Representative” was angry in his answers, and he showed a side of himself that we have not had an opportunity to see so far.

“Bosnia and Herzegovina is supposed to be heading towards the European Union, instead of being a protectorate managed by Christian Schmidt without the legitimacy communicated through the electoral will of the citizens, who has proved with his outburst today in Goražde that he is superfluous, head of the Democratic People’s Party (DNS) Nenad Nešić said to Srna.

Nešić pointed out that Schmidt “as an institution” was redundant, which he has confirmed today.

“We do not need him here, and his reactions today in Goražde are proof that he is superfluous. Mister Schmidt, go back to where you learned to yell and yell at those you are used to yelling at, but in here you won’t,” stressed Nešić.

He also asked the Muslim political elite, who, as he said, likes Schmidt so much, but also the Bosniak (Muslim) people, whether they wanted to be yelled at by some stranger in their own country?

Schmidt started yelling today after a question from a journalist about the changes to the Election Law of Bosnia and Herzegovina, saying that he had had it enough with the political games. The Republic of Srpska does not recognize Christian Schmidt as the High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina.