Milorad Dodik, a Serb member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Presidency, has told SRNA that by claiming that BiH is being destabilised by its neighbors, Serbia and Croatia, the SDA is actually saying that BiH’s problem is Serbs and Croats, i.e. their existence in BiH in general.

“I believe that Serbia should be much more involved in solving the problems in Bosnia and Herzegovina because Serbia is a signatory to the Dayton Peace Agreement, which gives it the right to react on all issues related to the agreement. The request to Western countries, as guarantors of the Dayton Peace Agreement, to implement and support reforms in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a message that Serbs and Croats should not be asked for anything and that an agreement between Muslims and Western countries is enough”, Dodik stressed.

He said that the SDA ignored the fact of the Russian Federation also being the guarantor of the agreement based on which BiH rests, so calling for the intervention of the international factor that stands as the guarantor of the agreement is an invitation to the Russian Federation to get involved.

“Insisting on the strengthening of state institutions, as the SDA calls them, respecting the Dayton Agreement at the same time, is the schizophrenic policy of this Muslim party, which since 1995, has never accepted the new political and constitutional reality in BiH, making it the main obstacle to the functioning of BiH as it was established in 1995”, said Dodik.

According to Dodik, the insistence on harmonizing Dayton solutions such as the House of Peoples in the Federation of BiH /FBiH/ with non-Dayton solutions such as the House of Peoples in Republika Srpska is ruled out, because the Constitution of BiH recognizes only the House of Peoples in the FBiH.

He emphasized that about 16 percent of non-Serbs live in Republika Srpska, while about two percent of Serbs live in FBiH, which is a clear indicator of security for returnees and respect for their rights.

“As far as the border issue, there is nothing disputable for Serbs and Croats, while the Muslims are the ones hindering that issue’s solution. To start with, the SDA should clearly state that they do not see BiH as a Muslim country, that they respect the letter of Dayton and the fact that Serbs and Croats are also constituent peoples, to open an honest dialogue with those peoples instead of negotiating with the international community and impose solutions on other nations”, said Dodik.

Emphasizing Russian influence in a country where the breakdown of a German diplomat, who is staying here illegally, is directly broadcasted, says Dodik, is hypocrisy for which finding the proper word is difficult.

“Muslims who are fed by PIC communiqués continue to push the so-called Russian influence in order to gain some points for themselves in the anti-Russian hysteria. With a policy practiced by the SDA, it is difficult to find a point of compromise, especially if you take into account the increasingly frequent warmongering statements by that party’s leader”, Dodik stressed for SRNA.

He says that Bosnia and Herzegovina is only possible if it functions based on the letter of the Dayton Peace Agreement, and Republika Srpska accepts Bosnia and Herzegovina as such.