Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić addressed the public regarding the current situation in Kosovo and Metohija.

At the very beginning of his address, Vučić said that since 1999, when the Kumanovo Agreement and Resolution 1244 expelled the security forces from Kosovo and Metohija, terror has been carried out against the Serbian population and this has resulted in the persecution of more than 200.000 people and their apartments, houses, many of them were killed.

As he added, since 1999, there has been a difficult and arduous struggle for the survival of the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija.

Vucic said that “Albanians themselves decided to carry out unilateral moves.”

“I want to say for the sake of the world that we had four basic tasks,” he said.

  • The first was to do all we could to preserve the peace;
  • Second, we had to avoid blanket condemnation from the west;
  • Third, we had to, which was very important for us, take care of how it would look in all parts of the world;
  • Fourth, to ensure the survival of our people in Kosovo and Metohija.

“After all the threats of the Albanian leadership, fear reigned. Accordingly, it was our duty to tell people today, even though we know how difficult it is today, in conditions that are no longer hypothetical, we have nowhere to go, we are cornered and our key message is – whatever happens, there will be no more refugee columns. We will save our people from persecution,” he said.

He said that the Pristina’s side requested a discussion on a six-point general agreement, among which was the review of previous agreements.

General principles of bilateral relations:

a) General recognition

b) Entry into all international organizations

Resolving problems from the past:

a) The missing

b) Solving the problem of rape victims

c) Displaced persons

d) Destruction of private property and return of stolen artefacts

e) War reparations that Serbia should pay Cooperation in the future;

Respect for the Albanian minority in Serbia;

Reconsideration of previously agreed agreements;

Final deal.

He also stated that we asked to open a discussion on the CSMs, which was signed. “According to Pristina, every 90 days a Serb must get a visa to live in his native house, and Quint agrees,” said the president, showing the paper that Pristina would issue to Serbs from the North and adding: “Their explanation was that they would issue it for 90 days, and that a Serb from the North would have to leave Kosovo on the 89th day in order to get a new visa so that he could live in his native house, which he had lived in for 50, 100, 120 years”.

“I am not sure that the West has control over everything that is happening in Pristina. General Mojsilović talked today with the commander of NATO and told him that their job is to prevent special units from entering the north of Kosovo. And these incursions happened often”.

“Special units invaded many times. Each of those times you had the obligation to ask the permission of the four mayors from the north of Kosovo and Metohija, and you never asked for that. That is NATO’s job, I ask them to do it. Their job is to ensure peace for the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija. It is not your job to destroy the property of the Serbian population, but to ensure that this gang does not cross the Ibar. For you, the barricades are a problem, not criminal and illegal decisions. Stoltenberg confirms this in his interview,” Vučić pointed out.

He also pointed out that Serbs are not stupid and that they know what NATO is.

“They have already suffered from NATO and they want to prevent this from happening again. I want to inform you that all kinds of intelligence activities have been intensified in the north of Kosovo and Metohija, that our team asked Lajčak to start implementing the CSM. We want you to know that we informed the persons who are on the list for the liquidation of the Pristina regime on time, which were also approved by certain external services,” he said.

“I want to inform you that every type of intelligence activity has been intensified in the north of Kosovo and Metohija. We want to inform you that we informed on time the persons who are on the list for the liquidation of the Pristina regime, which were approved by certain foreign services, by remaining silent or nodding head”.

As he added, suspicious movement of certain persons were also observed. “The movement of suspicious persons has increased in Kosovo and Metohija. In the last three days of July, we observed the movement of persons from Chechnya in Kosovo. Ahmed Ruslanovich Bahayev is one of them,” he said.

Vučić also spoke about today’s meeting and said “that today we know that even by some miracle a compromise will happen by September 1, then there will be a problem on October 31. Problems for Serbs will not cease to exist”.

President emphasized that the “purpose” of the Albanian side is “torture of our people in Kosovo and bring about their ultimate expulsion”.

According to him, the Kosovo Serbs supported the leadership to “search for a compromise in the next 10 days”.

“They said they would accept everything, but they set some red lines for us that I won’t talk about now. What they asked for as a guarantee was that they wouldn’t experience persecution, and they got that from me. New persecutions and expulsions will not happen. I was informed that, if this persecution of Serbs is not stopped, in the next month all Kosovo institutions will be abandoned by politicians, and by the end of September, the Brussels order established by the Brussels Agreement will be dismantled. The police, the judges, will leave their posts”, Vucic noted at the press conference.

He added that “the conditions are rather difficult”.