Serbian Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlovic said on Tuesday a sixth package of EU sanctions on Russia meant that oil imports from the country would become impossible after November 1, and added that the oil company NIS would have to buy oil from other suppliers in the market.

To some extent, that has happened in the past as well, Mihajlovic said, noting that she believed the Serbian market would remain unaffected by the change.

“The sixth package of EU sanctions envisions a ban on imports of Russian crude oil after November 1. After that period, crude oil supplies will be obtainable only in the open market. We have been aware of this decision for two months and we are doing everything we can to find a way to avert disruptions in our market and I believe we will succeed,” Mihajlovic told reporters in Krusevac, southern Serbia.

According to a statement released by her ministry, Mihajlovic said NIS was getting its crude oil via the JANAF pipeline, and noted that, in the past, the company had not relied only on Russian oil but had also been buying oil from Iraq and other countries.

“Overall, Russian oil made up around 50 pct, other suppliers accounted for 30 pct, while locally produced crude oil made up 20 pct,” Mihajlovic said.