President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, met with U.S. Ambassador Christopher Hill.

“A meaningful and precise conversation with Ambassador Hill about the situation after the last round of talks in Brussels. I reiterated the consistent position of Serbia, which continues to make every effort to find a compromise solution to maintain peace and stability,” wrote Vučić on Instagram.

President Vučić explained to Ambassador Hill the positions of Serbia that he represents in the dialogue with Pristina, participating in it responsibly and constructively. He said that Serbia is seriously approaching finding a solution to the current crisis caused by Pristina’s unilateral moves.

President Vučić conveyed to Ambassador Hill that the Serbs living in Kosovo unconditionally demand the formation of the Community of Serbian Municipalities.

“Pointing to the tensions that exist in Kosovo, President Vučić said that it is important that Pristina adheres to the agreement that Kosovo special forces (KSF) can move north only with the consent of NATO and the mayors of the four municipalities where Serbs live,” the statement of the Presidency stated.

President Vučić and Ambassador Hill also discussed bilateral cooperation between Serbia and the USA.

Just to reiterate, U.S. Ambassador assessed that, although many are disappointed that there was no progress in the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina in Brussels, the result of those talks was still positive. Hill said that this is important, not only for future talks about Kosovo, but generally for relations between the USA and Serbia.

“We have many common bases for cooperation. Not everything that the USA and Serbia do together has to be related to Kosovo,” he said. Hill said that the two countries must also cooperate regarding Kosovo, but he reminded that there are many other issues for cooperation.