The former Special Representative of the United States for Dialogue Frank Wisner has called on the provisional Priština institutions to redirect their attention to the economy, construction, and the principle “Live and let live”, given that Belgrade is not conceding to the recognition of the independence of Kosovo.

In an interview for KTV, Frank Wisner said that Priština ought to focus on other goals — trade, free movement of people, finance, scientific and cultural cooperation.

He said that he had always feared “that Serbia would not recognize Kosovo”, and he is convinced that it would not happen in the near future because, he added, the public opinion in Serbia will not allow it.

For that reason, he believes, everyone should follow the principle “Live and let live”.

“This goal got away from us. That’s why what I am suggesting and what I believe it is the way that the negotiators are attempting to resolve this issue is to achieve the practical instead of the impossible,” said Wisner, reported the Priština daily Koha.

His advice to the Priština authorities was to find, as he said, a way to improve life “next to one another”.

“It was always my fear that the recognition from Serbia would not come, and it is what happened. The international community has not found a solution either. That is the policy of Serbia. But precisely for that reason, I recommend that you focus on other goals,” said Wisner.

Wisner also said that the recognition of status would not build highways or railways.

He added that the United States of America were very committed to resolving all of the issues between Belgrade and Priština and fully involved in the dialogue, as he said, citing as an example the appointment of the President of the United States’ Envoy for the Western Balkans Gabriel Escobar.