Prior of September 1st and more unconfirmed reports that an armed conflict may erupt in the northern part of Kosovo and Metohija, NATO announced that KFOR has strengthened its military presence and the deployment of extra troops if necessary. Today our team traveled from North Mitrovica to Jarinje administrative checkpoint today to record the situation on the ground.

We also done some geopositioning of the correct coordinates of these 3 checkpoints which are without no doubt established against any potential Serb protest regarding the situation with personal documents and car plates.

NATO-KFOR checkpoint 1 near Rudare in Zvecan
NATO-KFOR checkpoint 2 near Josanica in Leposavic
NATO-KFOR checkpoint 3 near Jarinje

The self – proclaimed Kosovo administration wants to carry out the decision to re-register all automobiles with Serbian plates as “RKS” and to begin providing entry-exit documents to Serbs residents who entering Kosovo and Metohija.

After this, Serbs organized protests and put up a roadblocks ahead of the implementation of the stated decision on July 31st. Following urgent negotiations with the US ambassador and the EU, the self – proclaimed Kosovo government in Pristina postponed their decision by one month.

Albanian side declared that the decisions would be implemented on September 1st.