This is the second incidence of terror being inflicted on the Serbian people in as many days. Last night, unknown perpetrators broke into and ransacked a church office in Dobrotin, near Lipljan. And today, in a letter from Tanja that was uploaded to social media, we learned of a gruesome crime that happened to her grandmother Božana. Below is the letter written by Tanja, the granddaughter of Božana who was beaten and mistreated, shared in full.

Dear everyone,

This is one of the oldest natives of the Municipality of Kosovska Mitrovica. She has devoted her entire life, personally and professionally, to this holy land, which she still does not want to leave or be forced to leave. Her name is Božana and she is 84.

As one of her six grandchildren, I feel an obligation to ask what freedom, what protection, what justice and fairness are we talking about?

Are they instilling fear and anguish in the residents of the northern part of the city just because they can?

Is it going to be my grandmother today, a child tomorrow, someone’s father and mother the day after that? Why and for what?

Is it because we are Serbs? Is it because we will not abandon OUR LAND? Is it because we wish to have someone to lean on?

Is every Serb, before and after the first, supposed to go to bed afraid that someone might break in and inflict bodily harm on them? Is it going to become impossible to sleep peacefully in the northern part of Kosovo and Metohija as well?

I ask the responsible institutions of the Republic of Serbia, as I do not know of any other, to act according to the obligations of this famous “freedom and protection of the Serbian people”. I want to see a smile and happiness on the face of my Božana. Let’s stop this terror together!

Today it was Božana, tomorrow it will be someone else!

Granddaughter Tanja.

Kosovska Mitrovica, August 2022.