The President of the Belgrade Forum for the World of Equals Živadin Jovanović believes that the extreme anti-Serbian policy led by the President of Croatia Zoran Milanović will backfire on the Croatians, because Zagreb is losing perspective on the fact that things in Europe are changing and turning in the direction of building a new structure of security and cooperation.

Jovanović, who used to be the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, believes that Europe will no longer promote an openly anti-Serbian policy, so the Croatians will have to reconsider their current inhumane and uncivilized behavior and the practice of insulting victims of war crimes, the truth, Serbia, and Serbs as a whole.

He pointed out that Milanović is leading the way in that practice, who in his defense of those accused of a war crime gave himself the liberty to humiliate the victims from the Petrovac road in 1995, the prosecutors whom he compared to prostitutes, as well as Serbia and its president, claiming that anyone who mentions the deaths of children is a dangerous liar.

“What Milanović is saying is an insult to the truth, as well as an insult to Serbia and the Serbian people. He is effectively denying what is generally accepted as the truth and facts, including the strategy stated by Franjo Tuđman at the infamous meeting in Brioni in 1995,” said Jovanović.

It is his belief that the rapid changes in the world will show that Serbia was correct to maintain its strategy of military neutrality and not impose sanctions on Russia, especially given that the sanctions were not imposed by the UN Security Council but the one-sided sanctions of the leading forces of the West — the United States of America, the European Union and the NATO.

According to him, everything is pointing to the fact that things in the world have to return to normal, and when that happens, only then will it become apparent how unrealistic, extremist and anti-Serbian is the policy being led by the current leadership of Croatia.