Serbian electricity prices are several times lower compared to other European countries, Serbian Finance Minister Sinisa Mali said in Novi Sad on Friday.

“Here, the electricity price for small consumers is 41-42 euros and, if I am not mistaken, the price for businesses will be 90 or 95 euros, which is up to nine times less than in Europe. Serbia is doing excellently in the crisis. At this time, we have a lower unemployment rate than we had in 2019, before the crisis,” Mali said during a visit to the company Energy Net.

He said FDI inflow to Serbia between January 1 and August 20 totalled 2.4 bln euros and was still growing, and that the GDP growth rate in the first two quarters of the year had been 4 pct.

“We have to reach an agreement with unions on the minimum labour cost. We will definitely be aiming for a 40,000 dinar minimum wage,” Mali said, noting that the minimum wage increase would exceed inflation growth.

He said pensions would grow by at least 9 pct in November and that the increase would reach a total 20 pct on January 1 next year.

Public sector wages will be up by 12.5 pct, he said.

As finance minister, I promise that the Government of Serbia will do everything to ensure the upcoming winter is as trouble-free as possible and without consequences for the citizens, Mali said.