Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said late on Sunday that, by reaching an agreement with Pristina on the issue on IDs, Belgrade had ensured Serbian statehood in Kosovo-Metohija.

“I think that what has been achieved is very good for us, and they (Pristina) should not be pretending to be naive because we had been accepting their documents before this, too, and they have travelled through central Serbia with their documents since 2011 – we just issued papers to them and wasted time,” Vucic said in a video posted on his avucic Instagram profile.

“The way it is now, there is a large poster that says this is no recognition whatsoever, and they can travel, but we have ensured Serbian statehood in Kosovo-Metohija and made sure that documents of the Republic of Serbia are valid in Kosovo-Metohija, in particularly documents of Kosovo-Metohija Serbs,” Vucic added.