The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov said that the West illegally recognized the independence of Kosovo. In an interview for the television channel Zvezda, Lavrov said that the West was rejecting the international law in an attempt to maintain dominance and imposing on everyone a “world order based on rules”. At the same time, he added, the rules were designed for a certain “task”.

“When necessary, the West is prepared to recognize independence, illegitimately pronounced, without a referendum, unilaterally (like it was the case with Kosovo). When that is not necessary, the open referendum on Crimea, followed by numerous representatives of the civilian society in the Western and other countries, is declared illegal,” said Lavrov, reported Beta.

He also pointed out that the West was shamelessly attempting to force every country in the world to change their standing on Russia. “They are being broken down through the most rough methods. They are not even ashamed of making public statements that if someone does not comply with them, it will not end well,” said Lavrov.