Republika Srpska President Željka Cvijanović has said today in Gradiška that Hungary is showing its relationship with Srpska through its support programme for Srpska economy, which is not relation based on conditioning or seeking political favours in return, but expresses solidarity, a desire for cooperation and nurturing a partnership that fueled a true friendship.

Addressing the ceremony over the beginning of the implementation of the Hungarian Government’s support programme for Republika Srpska economy, Cvijanović emphasized that Europe and the entire world need Hungary’s attitude towards Srpska.

Cvijanović emphasizes this is one of the examples of concrete cooperation and thanked the Government of Hungary and the President of that country.

“We thank all the wonderful people who worked in the previous period to improve relations with the Republika Srpska, and finally with Bosnia and Herzegovina, showing balanced relations throughout this region. We thank you for the political understanding of the complex circumstances within Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in our entire region,” said Cvijanović.

She emphasizes that Hungary’s support programme for Republika Srpska economy is specific because it includes Srpska where no Hungarians live.

“We particularly thank you for recognizing us as a place where, through concrete activities, our agriculture and our overall development should be helped, because of course, by supporting farmers, we achieve overall development. Today more than ever, perhaps, when we want to turn to the development of our potential, capacity, when the entire world is gripped by certain unrest, insecurity and instability, I believe this is a way or one of the mechanisms to ensure our stability,” said Cvijanović.

She reminded of Srpska’s commitment to focus more and more on local production, which the aforementioned support programme also enables.

Cvijanović says that this programme offers perfect conditions for farmers to get adequate agricultural machinery with minimum participation.

“I also appreciate the local communities who announced that the part belonging to our agricultural producers will also find a way to subsidize or make it easier,” Cvijanović added.

Emphasizing that the Hungarian people are friendly which concrete examples show, such as the aforementioned economic support programme, Cvijanović expressed her belief that the partnership and friendship between Srpska and Hungary will yield additional results in the future.

At the ceremony in Gradiška, Cvijanović expressed her satisfaction with the beginning of the implementation of the support programme and reminded that the Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik and the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced it last year.

She said that, attending the programme promotions, she became convinced of Srpska agricultural producers’ huge interest.

“Also, what I support, along with the work of organization and foundation, is the fact that our local structures, local administrations, have decided to make themselves available to the needs of those who are potential users, to help with the application and to do the logistical work, thus I also thank our local institutions,” said Cvijanović.