Serb member of the BiH Presidency, Milorad Dodik, has said today that he will visit the Serb community in Romania, which, he said, is very proud of Republika Srpska.

“They always express that pride. Our community in Romania survived torture during the communist regime, but it preserved its identity and deserves our attention,” Dodik told the press in Aleksandrovac outside Laktaši.

He says the Serb community in Romania is very active.

“I will meet with leaders of our community who are part of the local or national authorities in Romania. I have been planning to visit this community for many years and now the opportunity has arisen despite my obligations,” said Dodik.

He has pointed out that he will visit the Eparchy of Timisoara and the Cathedral Church in Timisoara and discuss the position of the Serb community in Romania, but also present the situation in Republika Srpska.

During his visit to Romania, Dodik will meet in Timişoara with representatives of Serbs and the head of the Association of Serbs in Romania, Ognjen Krstić, who is also a member of the Romanian parliament.