The Republika Srpska National Assembly received a request from the Serb member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Presidency, Milorad Dodik, for a special session of the National Assembly in order to hold a vote on his statement on the damage done to the vital national interests of Srpska by accepting credentials of the German ambassador to BiH, which was done without the consensus of the BiH Presidency members.

 The Serb member of the BiH Presidency declared the decision, which was adopted at an extraordinary session of the BiH Presidency on September 2, very detrimental to the vital interests of Republika Srpska, and urged members of the National Assembly to vote on it, says a press release from the National Assembly.

According to the BiH Constitution, the National Assembly of Republika Srpska shall review the statement from the Serb member of the BiH Presidency and if it confirms it by a two-thirds majority within ten days from the day it was forwarded to it, the disputed decision of the BiH Presidency shall not enter into force.

According to the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly, following the request of the Serb member of the BiH Presidency, the Speaker of the National Assembly should schedule a session of the Parliament’s Advisory Board in the coming days, which should set a date and agenda of the special session.