Director of the Republic Center for Research on War, War Crimes and Search for Missing Persons, Milorad Kojić, believes that the announcement of a protest by Bosniak (Bosnian Muslim) associations due to the commemoration of the anniversary of the exodus and the great Serb suffering on the Ozren-Vozuća battlefield on September 10 is a message that Bosniaks do not want reconciliation and coexistence, but to achieve their war goals.

Kojić believes that the international community should react and condemn such Bosniak behavior, but remain silent as always because, as he said, they were complicit in the crime against Serbs.

He asks whether Bosniak associations intend to organize a protest against a Serb mother who buried a beheaded child in Stog in a mass grave with 21 bodies, 17 of which were with their heads off.

Kojić stresses that even today there are people in Bosnia and Herzegovina who perform responsible duties, who granted citizenship to members of the “El Mujahedin” squad for those crimes, which there are documents about.

Zoran Blagojević, the president of the Zavidovići native association based in Doboj, told Srna yesterday that the Bosniak associations invited fellow citizens via social networks to a parade of cars with war flags of the so-called Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina on September 10, which he considered to be another in a series of provocations that the authorities in Zavidovići should prevent.

As part of the commemoration of 27 years since the persecution of Serbs from Vozuća, a settlement in the valley of the Krivaja river and from the southern part of Ozren, on September 10, the “Path of the Exodus” March will be held, organized by the local association of Zavidovići inhabitants from Doboj.