According to the program of the visit, after the welcoming ceremony, the meeting between Presidents Vučić and Erdogan followed, which ended around 12:15, and after the meeting between Vučić and Erdogan, the signing ceremony of seven interstate agreements, protocols and memoranda between Serbia and Turkey was held in the presence of the two presidents.

-The first protocol is about amendments and additions to the agreement on the mutual abolition of visas.

-The second relates to the mutual encouragement and protection of investments.

-The third agreement refers to cooperation in the field of innovation.

-The fourth is a memorandum of understanding on forest fire suppression.

-The fifth is about cooperation in the field of media.

-A memorandum of understanding and cooperation in the field of electronic administration was also signed, as well as a protocol on cooperation between RTS and the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation.

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, addressed the crowd first. He thanked Erdogan for visiting our country.

“For us, it is always a great honor and a special privilege. I believe that with the results we have shown that we have raised relations to a very high level, the highest in modern history.”

As he said: “We managed to raise the trade exchange from the level of under one billion to almost two and a half, with a big jump this year. I believe that we are on the right track for the trade exchange to reach five billion euros”.

Vučić pointed out that stability in the region, the war in Ukraine, and the trilateral meeting between Turkey, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia were also discussed.

“We talked about the situation in Ukraine, we also talked about the non-introduction and in general about sanctions in Russia, we also talked about energy and I asked President Erdogan to help us.

We talked for a long time about all important issues, the situation in the region, of course about how to keep the peace. We talked about the relations between Serbs and Bosniaks. Tourist exchange is at the highest level, we will have a huge number of Turkish tourists here, and also ours in Turkey.

Turkish tourism attracts our tourists because it is at the highest level. There is a lot ahead of us and big cooperation with their companies, they have always welcomed us to Serbia, and we will jealously guard our relations. This is the golden age of Serbian-Turkish relations,” concluded Vučić.

He revealed that the Chamber of Commerce has decided to open premises in Istanbul in December or January. After the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, the President of Turkey also addressed the media. He thanked Vučić for his hospitality and stated that the talks were extremely fruitful. “When it comes to events in Bosnia-Herzegovina, we exchanged views.

Our relations with Serbia, which are at an excellent level, are developing every day.” Serbia will be the sixth country whose citizens will be able to travel to Turkey only with an ID card with a chip.

Speaking about the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, the Turkish president said that Turkey is ready to help, and that the Balkans cannot endure this situation any longer. Asked about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Erdogan said that Turkey has always followed a policy of balance between the two countries. “There are several countries in the West whose approach we believe is not correct.

There is a policy based on provocations. If we look at the situation, can we name a winner of the war? There is none, but there are a lot of losers. People are losing their lives, and there are a big financial loss,” Erdogan said.

“We are trying to see ways and understand if the war between Russia and Ukraine will end soon, but it does not seem like that. I must also mention those who underestimate Russia, and they should not do that. Gas is an important asset that Russia has, even now everyone is trying to find a way to survive the winter.”

Turkish President expressed hope that a solution will be found and that the war will end.