The President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić has scheduled a session of the National Security council for next Saturday at 8 A.M., reported the Novosti.

It is indicative that this body will meet immediately after the head of state’s meeting with the Special Envoy of the European Union for the Dialogue Between Belgrade and Priština Miroslav Lajčak, as well as the special emissaries from Berlin and Paris, Jens Plötner and Emmanuel Bonne, who will be arriving to our country after the joint letter from Olaf Scholz and Emmanuel Macron where they “encouraged” the Serbian leader to make difficult choices on the matter of our southern province.

For that reason, it is expected that the main topic will be precisely the situation in Kosovo and Metohija and security challenges, especially following the decision of Albin Kurti’s government to ban the use of Serbian licence plates, which elevated tensions and caused distress to our compatriots.

All the more so, since our services have received intel that the CIA is preparing to stage conflicts at the administrative line which would be used as cause to increase NATO forces in Kosovo. Apart from that, there will also be discussion about energy security and preparing the country for one of the most challenging winters in the last few decades. There will also be mention of the hybrid war being waged against Serbia, and cyber security.