The Great Reset, that new beginning of history that was announced in 2020 at the World Economic Forum, is finally reaching its full meaning. Out of the phraseological fog about a more just society, more humane capitalism, an ecological green agenda and sustainable development, the terrifying contours are emerging of a new world being run by an ever more visible hand of the invisible elites from the shadows. The familiar, bizarre slogan of the World Economic Forum, promising the citizens of the world a future where they will “own nothing” and be merry is slowly being realized — at least where it concerns the first part of this slogan.

The work on having the citizens “own nothing” had begun a long time ago, several decades back. The crowd from Davos, whose interests are being articulated by the World Economic Forum, has made sure to stop or dramatically slow the real wage growth of the largest number of workers. Low inflation, social peace and the illusion of the growth of purchasing power was being sustained with a flood of cheap goods arriving from the east. While the citizens were spending money on cheap industrial trinkets and baubles, the cost of living, education and healthcare services was going through the roof, and the debt of the citizens along with it.

The middle class, the reliable pillar of stability of a community, has been slowly growing impoverished. The impoverishment project has been carried out quietly over the previous decade, among other things, through the policy of the ultra-low, zero or negative interest rates. The parts of the society that have been responsibly saving money have lost the income on interest that served to at least partially offset the inflationary erosion of savings deposits. On the other hand, that very same monetary policy has made it possible for the richest to continue to grow enormously rich through the rise in the value of financial assets (shares, etc.).

And then came COVID-19. To this day we do not know for a fact how and from where the virus showed up, whether it was a natural catastrophe or an obscure laboratory project. An unprecedented psychosis of fear was created in the name of the fight against the pandemic and significant parts of the economy were shut down. Countries printed money and passed it around to their citizens and companies that were not doing any business. But money does not create value in and of itself, nor could the purchasing power thus created lead to increased production in economies that had shut down its businesses. The printed money was accumulated in the financial system, as the citizens were spending less money during the pandemic. When the economies opened last year, when the citizens started to spend more, the inflation began to pick up speed. An inflation thus created, the inflation of demand as the economists call it, was not yet sufficient to create total chaos. They needed something stronger.

The Western elites decided to cause a colossal crisis on the food and energy markets — by stoking the war in Ukraine, by insisting on punishing Russia and by eliminating the dependence on it for energy. The increase in prices of energy did not occur because there is not enough energy, but because the West has effectively cut off the supply coming from Russia with its sanctions, thus forcing a reaction from the Russian side. At the same time, price speculation is going on at the energy exchanges, further increasing prices and creating chaos while the energy companies are overflowing in profits.

The increase in prices caused by an increase in demand (as a consequence of printing money) is now also being helped along by an inflation in expenses — an increase in the prices of food, energy, and, consequentially, wages. The price shocks are terrifying and the official statistics do not even closely reflect the true increase of living expenses of an overwhelming majority of citizens and the economy. Everybody is a victim in a globalized world, not only the citizens of the countries that caused the crisis.

And then comes the big finale. As the inflation has spun out of control, as expected (and, I fear, as planned), the central banks are beginning to rapidly increase interest rates. That should lead into a recession, loss of jobs, mass bankruptcy filings and a new wave of impoverishment of the global population. A staggering amount of people will be left with nothing, just like the prophets from Davos have promised. A recession, along with a pandemic, is an optimal tool for creating fear and an instrument of social control and population discipline. The only tool more effective is war.

Are elites fearing a rebellion of the citizens? It doesn’t appear so. The citizens are being explained that the crisis is to blame on COVID-19 and Putin, and that — would you look at that — a sacrifice must be made at the altar of freedom, democracy and the international order. If the messages cannot be carried with words, they will be carried with batons, tear gas and water hoses. The authorities are not joking. The ever-lucid President Biden recently reminded his political opponents that the state has aircraft that (I suppose) it could use against the disobedient, lightly armed Republican sympathizers that it labels as “semi-fascist”. It would also not be a huge surprise if another pandemic were to turn up, along with a new cycle of limiting the freedom of movement. In the end case, there is a tried-and-tested, subtle tool at their disposal — a new world war.

The insanity that we are witnessing was announced, and, as it appears, planned. It is difficult to believe that the chaos we are living in is a consequence of a miscalculation, or that the political elites did not know what would happen. If there had been a mistake, policy would be corrected, resignations and apologies would be pouring in, and the full political elite of Europe would have retreated into monasteries and given to meditative silence… figuratively speaking. It is evident that an overwhelming majority of people will truly be left with nothing, but it remains to be seen how the strategists from Davos intend to make them happy.

Nebojša Katić

(Source: Politika)