The President of the National Party of Srpska (NPS) Darko Banjac said that the leader of the Party of Democratic Action (SDA) Bakir Izetbegović continues to insult Serbs and shows that he would like them removed from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“That is not particularly strange, given that the main platform of the Party of Democratic Action is an Islamic Bosnia and Herzegovina, and that it be a country without Serbs. His statement goes to show that he would like to remove all Serbs from Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said Banjac to Srna, commenting on Izetbegović’s statement that “those who dislike Bosnia and Herzegovina can go, but they will bring nothing but the dirt on their shoes”.

Banjac said that Izetbegović ought to know that Serbs have the Republic of Srpska.

“We are not opposed to him taking the rest of that artificially created Bosnia and Herzegovina to himself. But nobody will ever take, steal or occupy a single inch of our land of Republic of Srpska again,” said Banjac.

He stressed that the Republic of Srpska will stand for centuries, and its very existence will bother all those who share Izetbegović’s thinking.

“We have nowhere to go, and we will defend this, because those are our ancestral homes, this is our fatherland. To an extent, I feel sorry for Izetbegović, because he is aware that this construct is slowly but surely drawing to an end. But if he wants to feel our land under his feet and see what it looks like, he can come and help out with the agricultural work in our fields. Then he can at least make himself useful, although I personally believe that he cannot do that either,” said Banjac.