Serb member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency Milorad Dodik said yesterday that the suffering inflicted on the Serbian people by the Croatian Ustasha regime in WWII can never be forgotten or forgiven.

“Serbs must know that in the period from 1941 to 1945, until April, thousands and thousands of Serbs were killed every day by the Croatian Ustasha regime and that we must never stop marking and remembering that suffering”, Dodik told Srna.

He yesterday attended a holy liturgy celebrated by His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Porfirije in the monastery of St. John the Baptist in Jasenovac on the occasion of the central celebration of the feast of the Holy New Martyrs of Jasenovac.

Dodik said that Jasenovac is a place of eternal sorrow for the Serbs killed only because they belonged to the Serbian people and the Orthodox faith.

He has said that Ustashe did it according to their principle “kill one third, convert one third and expel one third”, and that Jasenovac was the manifestation of the “kill one third” principle.

Dodik said that they killed 500,000 Serbs in the four years of existence of the Jasenovac concentration camp.

“One should know that Jasenovac was formed after Pag, where 56,000 people were already killed in two months, and after Jadovno, and that even the Italians, their fascists, whose occupation zone it was, thought that it was very inhumane and that it was the execution ground where they used the most horrific methods, and banned Pag and Jadovno”, Dodik said.

He added that the system of the Jasenovac concentration camp was then formed and the Serbs from Kozara were brought there at the end of the summer of 1942 when more than 86,000 people were taken and never returned from Jasenovac, where they were killed in the most horrific way.

Dodik reminded that the Church declared this date as the Day of the Holy New Martyrs of Jasenovac and that last year this day was marked as well.

“This was an opportunity to draw attention to the fact that we are here, but I also see another thing, and that is that we told all those who still harbor any Ustasha ambitions and illusions – you did not win, we did. We who survived. We regret the victims and we will never forget the crimes. The Croats killed the Serbian people in WWII through the Ustasha movement, and that can never be forgotten or forgiven”, emphasized Dodik.