In Belgrade, after holding a prayer service for the sanctity of marriage and family, His Holiness the Serbian Patriarch Porfirije pointed out that Serbs do not want anyone’s values, view of the world and way of life to be imposed on them.

Children of Saint Sava and Saint Prince Lazar. Children of our great celebrated fathers and forefathers, ascetics, martyrs and witnesses of the Orthodox faith. You are welcome to the sanctuary of the Church of Saint Sava. We are welcome, and we have gathered here tonight in a great number. And it was one thought and desire that brought us together in this number, in front of the cathedral of the entire Serbian Orthodox people. That thought and that desire is simple — for us to be what we are, for us to be what our ancestors used to be, for our children to be the same. To be. To be, the Patriarch stressed, what we truly were since we knew ourselves.

“We do not want anyone else to tell us what we ought to be, for our measure and criteria is the word of Christ, He tells us what is good and what is not, what is established as natural under God, and what is unnatural,” said the Patriarch Porfirije in his speech, which the attendees rewarded with an applause, chanting “Axios”.

The Serbian Patriarch pointed out that the word of God reveals a simple truth on the very first pages of the Holy Testament — that God created two sexes, the male and the female, and that he had blessed marriage and family, upon which civilization was built, not only here but in Europe as well.

His Holiness emphasized that the word “family” itself is simple and clear in the Serbian language, and that it says that a man and a woman, moved together in love, in a desire to become one, enter into a union and in order to have a progeny, a family, as one of the fruits of a marriage between a man and a woman.

The Patriarch added that there were marriages without progeny, but even in that case, the marriage does not lose its fullness and purpose.

His Holiness pointed out that the humankind today is faced with waves, tsunamis and the invasion of many new belief systems, which are being imposed violently, aggressively, or, on the other hand, through soft power and invisible work under the radar, with the aim of collapsing any existing natural or civilizational order.

“In order to establish, as learned people would say, a new paradigm. A new set of rules. In that vortex, the intention is to collapse the foundations and pillars of the identity of individuals and community. To make everything relative, fragile and fluid, as though they are trying to tell us that everything which we had known up to now is suddenly no longer valid, and that we have been living wrong for thousands of years,” said the Patriarch Porfirije.

The Patriarch believes that the epilogue of these ideologies is not merely to lose the idea of what is male and what is female, but that they lead towards a point where it will become impossible to say with certainty what is a human, reminding that those ideas and voices are already appearing.

He additionally pointed out: “I know that I will be called out for these words, but let them call me out. I only care, along with all of you, is what God will say. Of course that all of the above sounds prideful. It is not because we pose an obstacle to them, or because we have a different position and point of view. Your determination for the Gospel of Christ, for the truth about the male and the female, and for the truth about marriage, distorts their deviations. That spirit, and others like it, are bothered by Christ, brothers and sisters. We have read the Gospel and we know that when the Lord was in the Gadara region, he was run out of there and told: “You are bothering us and you are ruining our business”. He ruined their idea that comfort and glory are the most important things in the world. They have a problem with Jesus because he said: “Had I not come here, they would be without sin”. But since Jesus did come and said what was the truth and what was a lie, he himself and the church posed an obstacle to that spirit. This spirit of new ideologies wants those values, if not to have them removed, then at least to make them relative and watered down”.

“Not every type of freedom brings salvation and sense. Thus follows, the LGBTQ+ ideology is unacceptable to us as Orthodox Christians. But we speak as Christians, and so we underline and we add that we are at the same time opposed to any form of violence, contempt, ostracism and stigmatization of those who do espouse those ideas. Especially if violence is being perpetrated in the name of the Church and Christ. I know that there are many people in that population who are better men than me, but they bear their own crosses and struggle with their own temptations, and those are not the subject of any parade. We do not condemn them or accuse them.

God is the judge of everyone, including us that have gathered here today. As Christians, we pray for them too, that they come to know the truth and the words of Christ. We pray for it, but we do not interfere with how anyone chooses to organize their own life. This is not about our personal relationship to anyone in particular. It is about the fact that we cannot accept anyone’s weaknesses, preferences and personal choices that are not in alignment with the order set forth by God, and which are being propagated and imposed as the new societal norm and rule. We may not accept that the media, education and culture, and also political institutions, be turned into devices of permanent psychological and moral pressure in the service of violent social engineering,” said the leader of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

“Others have come to our home to propagate their own ideas to us. They steal them from us, impose them on us, and they seek to tell us who we should be and what we should be like. We are the ones who are being subjected to violence. They are violating our intelligence, and they are violating our souls. They would like to, but they will not succeed. And, brothers and sisters, I could stay here with you until the sun comes up, and I would like more than anything to have an all-night wake and prayer, such as it is done in monasteries on Mount Athos and in Serbia.

Let us pray for the entire world and all people. Let us pray to God to give us peace and a healthy family, harmony and unity, for we have plenty of trials and tribulations. And it is why it is necessary that we stand as one in faith and in good. Let us pray for our fallen brothers, with each fall and sin of our own.

Thus it is understandable, brothers and sisters, that we stand opposed to the so-called EuroPride, that we stand opposed to parading up and down the streets of the city of Virgin Mary, the capital city of Belgrade. We have already seen it, and have no need to see it again. We have seen how in other European cities they mock and insult with their obscene behavior everything that is considered the purest in our people and in many others. But we stand opposed to EuroPride as such, for it is obvious that its purpose is not merely to walk and have a good time, but to reshape society — our society, our values, our way of life. Without us having asked for it.

Brothers and sisters, some say, without deep thought inside themselves, I am sure, that what we are doing here is a crusade. We are well aware what a crusade is. Orthodox people know that well. They also know who led crusades. We were the objects of a crusade. But with faith and the Gospel, we had overcome that temptation and that trouble. Are we leading a crusade by sitting inside our own homes? We are not the ones who went to another country or among a different nation to impose our view of the world, our way of life and our values on them, not even gently, let alone violently,” said the Patriarch.

Organized by the Holy Synod of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church, the prayer service was held in front of the Church of Saint Sava by the Patriarch Porfirije with his clergy. Bishop Teodosije of Raška-Prizren, Bishop Irinej of Bačka, Bishop Jovan of Šumadija, as well as several archbishops participated.

The service was attended by several thousand, including the minister in charge of innovation Nenad Popović, ambassador Vladimir Božović, celebrated football player Dušan Savić, leader of the “Dveri” movement Boško Obradović, and basketball champion Dejan Tomašević.

Citizens bore crosses, flags with the likeness of saints, as well as icons, and the flags of Serbia, Belgrade and the Serbian Orthodox Church were flown in front of the church.