The president of the Organization of Families of Captured and Killed Soldiers and Missing Civilians of Srebrenica, Branimir Kojić, called on The Hague to enable adequate treatment of the former Chief of Staff of the Republika Srpska Army, General Ratko Mladić.

 Kojić told SRNA that a letter the “Mothers of Srebrenica” sent to the president of the International Residual Mechanism in The Hague requesting the Hague Court not to release the seriously ill General Mladić at any cost is proof that they have no shred of reality.

“They rejoiced over the fate of /former head of the Crisis Staff of the Serbian Autonomous Area of Krajina/ Radoslav Brđanin and they want every Serb to experience his fate,” Kojić pointed out.

According to Kojić, they keep quiet when it comes to the trials in the “Dobrovoljačka” case, but they show that they hate every Serb and everything Serbian.

“None of them spoke out when /former commander of the 3rd Corps of the so-called Army of BiH/ Sakib Mahmuljin fled the country, they don’t say that those who were convicted of torturing Serbs in the `Sarajevo Auschwitz,` i.e., Silos camp, should be sent to serve their prison sentences,” Kojić said.

Kojić added that they don’t know if General Ratko Mladić would return to prison and asked why they ignore the fact that he returned to The Hague after visiting his daughter’s grave.

“The court in The Hague violates the basic human rights of General Mladić because he has the right to decent treatment, and if The Hague listens to the women who participated in attacks on Serbian villages throughout Podrinje, as Fadila Mujić testified, then it will only confirm what we have been witnessing for years, and that is that the court is anti-Serb,” said Kojić.

He said that it is known that they released Radoslav Brđanin the moment they realized that he would not be able to survive and that they wanted to avoid responsibility.