Father and son, Saša and Nemanja Mitrović, were attacked with a knife by an Albanian man in Babin Most near Obilić. They suffered severe bodily injuries, but their lives are not in danger.

The attack took place last night on the street in front of their home, when, according to Saša Mitrović, several younger Albanian men from the same village gathered and waited for his son Nemanja to walk out of the yard.

Nemanja was stabbed in the neck. The same perpetrator then slashed his father Saša Mitrović, who was attempting to get the attacker away.

The Mitrovićs received medical assistance at the hospital in Priština, where their lacerations were sutured and other injuries detected.

The Mitrovićs were transferred to the hospital in Kosovska Mitrovica during the night, where they were admitted in order to monitor their condition.

Saša’s younger son was attacked by the same perpetrators for Easter in Babin Most. Saša chose not to press charges at that time, after the attacker’s parents promised that the incident would not happen again, and in order to keep neighborly relations with that Albanian family.

Other Serbian citizens of Babin Most also had problems with the same group of Albanian young men. It is believed that the attacks are recurring because the attackers are not being punished.