Serb member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency Milorad Dodik said in the Republika Srpska National Assembly that the Parliament of Srpska is the final place of decision making when it comes to the protection of Srpska’s interests.

 He has said that he raised the issue of vital interest of Srpska many times, which some previous Serb members of the BiH Presidency did not do, by which they missed an opportunity and made the stereotype that decisions are made in Sarajevo only.

“The National Assembly is the place of decision making. It is the one that will make a final decision on encroachment on the vital national interests of Srpska.
Therefore, I have always raised the issue of vital interests in favor of Srpska and I have done it without hesitation,” Dodik said while explaining the proposed decision to confirm his statement that the decision to accept the credentials of the German ambassador is very detrimental to vital interests of Republika Srpska.

He pointed out that the goal is to send a message that the Republika Srpska National Assembly is the place of decision making, in keeping with the Dayton Accords, and not the BiH Presidency.

“This is a great thing that our Assembly’s decision on this topic is awaited,” said Dodik.

He added that the Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina must return to the revision of their rights in order to be able to exercise their rights and work as an organized entity.