His Holiness the Serbian Patriarch Porfirije decided that starting today a prayer for the sanctity of marriage and family, unity and peace among the Serbian people shall be offered at each service in every temple and monastery of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

The decision was made in the relation to the challenges and temptations faced by the Serbian church and its faithful people, said the Serbian Orthodox Church.

The prayer first calls on the Lord God, who created the male and the female and established marriage and family, to multiply His grace, blessing and love in the Serbian people and the entire world, especially in these days when forces both seen and unseen and their servants are striving to desecrate the sanctity of marriage and deface the purity of family, imposing unions contrary to God and nature as a replacement for marriage and family.

The same is being asked of Jesus Christ, whereas the Holy Spirit is being called to cleanse us from all impurity, lead us to repentance and save our souls.

The Virgin Mary is being asked to lead us and all our loved ones to repentance with her maternal love and prayer, to cleanse us of all impurity, bodily and spiritual, and enable us to emulate her sinless life and uninterrupted service to the Son and God, hers and ours.