The massacre of Serb civilians in Serdari near Kotor Varoš northern Bosnia, among whom the youngest victim was only four years old, is one of a series of crimes against Serbs whose aim was to destroy the trace of their existence, director of the Republic Center for War Research, War Crimes and Search for Missing Persons, Milorad Kojić, told SRNA.

 “Fortunately, those who survived testified about that terrible morning three decades ago. Their testimonies, among other things, can be found on the pages of the Atlas of Crimes against Serbs during the Defensive-Patriotic War, which the Center recently promoted”, Kojić said.

He emphasized that, like the families of the victims, we could not be satisfied with the passed sentences, nor with the number of perpetrators of crimes in Serdari who were tried in the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“I would like to mention that in the Atlas, on more than a thousand pages, about fifty killing sites of Serbs were covered in 1992. According to the analysis of the list of victims done by the Center, this is the year in which the highest number of Serb civilians were killed”, said Kojić.

Members of Muslim-Croat criminal military units committed the crimes in Serdari on September 17, 1992. 16 Serb civilians were killed on that occasion, two of them children, and one pregnant woman was seriously wounded, but she managed to survive.