Željko Budimir, the international relations professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the Banjaluka University, told SRNA that a meeting between Serbian Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Presidency member Milorad Dodik and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is significant in several aspects – political, economic and cultural.

 Budimir pointed out that the Russian Federation appreciates Dodik’s politics and his commitment not to allow BiH to impose sanctions on Russia.

“Putin has confirmed that. The friendly relations between the two presidents, Dodik and Putin, continue, with great mutual respect,” Budimir emphasized.

He has said that Republika Srpska relies on the Russian Federation, adding that it has been confirmed that one can expect it in the future as well in international organizations such as the UN Security Council.

“Projects that were previously agreed upon are continuing to be implemented. First of all, the project that Republika Srpska is not giving up on is the gas pipeline and the transition of the main gas pipeline from Serbia to Republika Srpska,” said Budimir.

Budimir pointed out that this is one of Srpska’s strategic goals.

He has said that gas prices for BiH were agreed upon at the meeting between Dodik and Putin, and at the moment the gas is mostly used by the federal Sarajevo, so the meeting has concrete positive economic consequences for BiH.

Budimir has said that this is Dodik’s second meeting with Putin this year, and the third since December 2021.

“This is the closest possible cooperation between the Russian Federation and Republika Srpska,” said Budimir.