The para-political leader of the provisional institutions of the false state of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, has said that when he talks about the possibility of a war breaking out, that is an accusation against Serbia, and he said to the representatives of the opposition that they had no reason to protest those accusations, reported the Klan Kosova.

That was Kurti’s response to the statement of Time Kadrijaj, a representative from the “Alliance for the Future of Kosovo”, who called on Kurti to stop distracting from the strike in Kosovo with statements like “there may be war in Kosovo*”.

Kurti asked the representatives to watch his interviews in full, including the one where he discussed the possibility of war.

“I did not say that there will be war, I said that there might be war, but it would be absolutely irresponsible of me, as Prime Minister, to say that there will never be war when there are 48 offensive forward bases, 28 military and 20 gendarmerie bases around Kosovo*, that would be wrong. When I say that there might be war, I ask that you watch that interview in full, because it is an accusation against Serbia. There is no reason for you to be protesting accusations against Serbia. Who is waging war? Serbia is waging war, that is why this is an accusation in the international arena against Serbia. I don’t understand why you have a problem with that,” said Kurti, reported the Kosovo Online.