The Serb member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Presidency, Milorad Dodik, said yesterday that immovable property belongs to Republika Srpska and that the Dayton Peace Agreement stipulates that it belongs to the entities.

 “The Constitutional Court of BiH is a perverse court,” Dodik said commenting on the decision of the Constitutional Court of BiH which ruled that Republika Srpska doesn’t have the constitutional authority to regulate the legal matter that is the subject of the Law on Immovable Property Used for the Functioning of the Public Authority of Republika Srpska, because, as it states, that is the jurisdiction of BiH.

Dodik has said that the BiH Constitution stipulates that everything that is not explicitly given to BiH does not belong to BiH, therefore, BiH could not control anything that was not given to it by the entities.

“They want to change this paradigm. They brought a man who was not appointed by the UN Security Council, they are bringing foreigners to the Constitutional Court,” Dodik pointed out.

No matter how much they try to send a message to the Western world that there is someone who does not respect the Constitutional Court, Dodik pointed out that the Constitutional Court does not respect the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“How can you respect the Constitutional Court that does not respect the Constitution?” Dodik asked.

He has said that Sarajevo is trying to put under its control by unconstitutional means everything that does not belong to BiH.

“They call themselves a state, but this is not a state. The Constitutional Court is a perverse court and I am now repeating all the worst things I have ever said about that court,” said Dodik.

He emphasized that this is a group of people who are politically motivated to cause problems and create some new system that is not possible here.