The Croatian Bureau of Statistics has published the final results of the census of population, households and apartments in Croatia in 2021, according to which the country had 3,871,833 residents, which is 413,056 fewer compared to the 2011 census.

3.20% of the population identified as Serbs, whereas 1.16% named the Serbian language as their mother tongue.

Per the 1991 census, 581,000 Serbs lived in Croatia, that is, 12.2% of the total population of that country.

As a result of ethnic cleansing and exile, in particular during the Croatian military-police actions “Flash” and “Storm” in the spring and summer 1995, Serbs in Croatia have been reduced to the level of a negligible national minority, whose proportion in the total population of Croatia was 4.3% per the 2011 census.

Since then, a lot of pressure to deny Serbs the right to bilingualism, including by destroying Cyrillic street signs, has been recorded in Croatia.