Prime Minister Ana Brnabić visited the family of Nikola Nedeljković, the young man who was arrested by the so-called Kosovo Police during the St. Vitus Day celebration at the Gazimestan Monument. She said that the Government of Serbia and the team of the president of the republic Aleksandar Vučić will not stay silent on the injustices that are happening to Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija.

“As President Vučić said in New York, some people are leveling accusations against us in Serbia, saying that we are further from the European Union the more that we mention Kosovo, but the Government of Serbia, along with the team of the president of the republic, will not stay silent on the injustices that are happening to Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija. We will be there for Nikola and his family. We will demand justice,” said Ana Brnabić after her visit to the Nedeljković family.

The Prime Minister pointed out that she had come to offer her human support to the family, more than anything, but also that she would do everything in her power to get justice for Nikola.
“He was arrested on June 28 at the Gazimestan, and then sentenced to eight months in prison without any evidence, based on some false testimony that some slogans were shouted that incide religiously- and ethnically-based hatred and intolerance,” said Brnabić.

She added that she had also come in order to bring attention to how the rule of the law is being implemented in Kosovo and Metohija, in that country that is, according to Albin Kurti, “more democratic than Serbia”.

She pointed out that the example of Nikola Nedeljkovć was only one in a series of examples that, she stressed, there was no rule of the law in Kosovo and Metohija, nor any sort of justice when it comes to Serbs.

“Nikola Nedeljković is a young man who is not a criminal, he is a socially responsible person, a humanitarian. What is more interesting is the fact that Risto Jovanović, citizen of Montenegro, was arrested last year in a similar or almost identical manner. Risto Jovanović was arrested based on a report from the same police officer who arrested Nedeljković this year, and he was also sentenced based on that very testimony. It is obvious what is happening here,” the Prime Minister pointed out.

She said that the number of attacks on Serbs and Serbian property had increased by a whopping 50% since Kurti took office in Priština, and the number of incidents went up. There had been 128 separate incidents at the end of last year.

“We are now up to nearly 100 attacks on Serbs this year alone, and this is going unsanctioned,” said Brnabić.

She pointed out that the latest bigger incident occurred on September 12, when, according to her, a 19-year-old young man Nemanja Mitrović was a victim of a murder attempt.

“We shall see what the epilogue of that will be, and this is all happening in 2022, when Kurti took the right to vote away from Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, which is a basic human right. There you see what kind of a democracy that is,” said Brnabić.

She said that defense attorneys would be filing an appeal on the behalf of Nikola Nedeljković on Monday, and that she would use that day to once again speak to her European Union counterparts on that matter.