On the occasion of the 106th anniversary of the breakthrough on the Thessaloniki front, a commemoration for Serbian soldiers who were killed in the First World War was held in the complex of the Serbian Military Cemetery Zeitenlik.

The Serbian delegation was received by 94-year-old Đorđe Mihajlović, who worked as a guard at the Serbian cemetery until recently.

Officials from Serbia and Greece, the Republic of Srpska and numerous associations attended the commemoration.

More than 21,000 fighters, including 8,000 Serbian soldiers, were buried at the Zeitenlik Memorial Cemetery in Thessaloniki.

On the occasion of the anniversary of the landing of the Serbian army on Corfu, numerous veterans’ and other associations come to Vido every year to pay tribute to the victims.

There used to be 28 Serbian cemeteries on Corfu, including the one on Vido. The remains were exhumed and transferred to Vido between 1936 and 1939.

1,232 of the remains have been identified, and they were buried here in alphabetical order. The remains of another 1,502 soldiers whose identities are unknown rest in the two bunkers on the sides.