The leadership of the Zubin Potok Municipality has hired the attorney Nebojša Vlajić, who will use all legal means to help the citizens whose land was illegally usurped by the so-called Kosovo Special Police Forces to construct a base in this municipality.

This is the latest in a series of steps taken by the Zubin Potok Municipality with the aim of helping its citizens protect themselves from the one-sided moves of the authorities in Priština, which is trying to steal their land to set up a base.

In the meanwhile, the provisional institutions in Priština continue the work on the construction of the base, and distressed residents of the Zubin Potok municipality are coming forward on a daily basis.

Mayor Srđan Vulović and the municipality have officially appealed to KFOR to take a stand to protect the affected citizens and completely fulfill its mission, as well as to the United States embassy in Priština and the European Union’s mission in Kosovo to prevent “the terrorizing of the Serbian population” in this municipality.

The citizens, as well as the leaders of the municipality, were waiting for responses to earlier memos and complaints, but instead of a ban on works they have received silence from Priština, while the usurpation of the land and infringement on the local population’s right to freedom of movement continued on the ground.