Serb member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Presidency, Milorad Dodik, says that the statement by Foreign Affairs Minister Bisera Turković in the Council of Ministers about the referendum on Russian annexation of four Ukrainian regions is evidence that BiH’s foreign policy has fallen apart.

 “The foreign policy of Bosnia and Herzegovina is exclusively conducted in the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I, as a member of this body, was not informed of any meeting where such positions were taken. In order to reach the position of Bosnia and Herzegovina, certain procedures must be followed, which were not. The old practice of unilateral communication of views continues”, Dodik told the press in Banjaluka.

He emphasizes the BiH Presidency cannot function, take a position, because Sarajevo gets used to this body only agreeing to their positions.

Dodik states this is not the position of BiH, but another proof of violation of the law and the Constitution of BiH and constitutional powers.

“It is in the sphere of criminal responsibility, but it is not worth suing anyone in Sarajevo according to the ‘judge, jury and executor’’ system. They only judge us, they have been conducting investigations for years, while they are being cleared, such as the head of the Intelligence and Security Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Osman Mehmedagić/Osmicu who had a fake diploma and falsely presented himself”, pointed out Dodik.

According to him, when you control the courts, like Sarajevo, you should not worry about the extent of the criminal offense you are committing, if you are a Muslim in Sarajevo.

“If you are a Serb, you have to fear what he will do on daily basis. It is that case, it is not worth pursuing justice in any judicial institution”, said Dodik.

He believes that no one can dispute the referendum as a decision-making principle, therefore in the case of referendum on Ukrainian regions, Bosnia and Herzegovina has not taken a position.

“Our position is that it is the people’s right to self-determination in regions where a qualification given by the UN Charter exists, which qualifies peoples as holders of sovereignty up to the right to a referendum on secession”, Dodik pointed out.

He says that no one can dispute that, while the everyday Russia – the West geopolitical games are something else.

“And as soon as the West discussed, it is obvious that Sarajevo will take the same position based on the old system”, Dodik said and emphasized that the referendum is something that Srpska is counting on in the future to decide on its status, which he believes “it will be soon”.