Professor at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade, Miloš Jovanović, stated that Bosnia and Herzegovina was not only a failed state, but also neither a functional creation, and the proof of this was the imposition of the Election Law of BiH and the Constitution of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) on election night by Christian Schmidt.

 Jovanović said that the function of the high representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina today was legally invalidly performed by a person named Christian Schmidt, who was not formally and legally elected in a valid manner.

But, Jovanović added, the function itself showed that BiH was not essentially a state, because it lacked the basic element of statehood – sovereignty and independence.

According to him, the mere fact that it needs a high representative with such powers is proof that Bosnia and Herzegovina is not only not a state, but also not a functional formation and that problem must be solved.

“The West would solve it by destroying the entity, which is disastrous and would create many more problems. We think, we are absolutely convinced of this, that the solution to that dysfunctionality is to strengthen the entity, in the first place Republika Srpska,” Jovanović said.

He has noted that it is, in fact, the only common-sense and normal way for those who want prosperity, and for those who want instability, wars, which the West often wants, it is the way to constantly impose something by force, which can never yield results.

When asked whether there would be pressure on the National Assembly of Republika Srpska after Schmidt’s imposition of changes to the BiH Electoral Law and the FBiH Constitution, Jovanović said that pressures had existed for a long time, since Srpska began to restore jurisdiction, but even before.

On election night, Christian Schmidt imposed changes to the BiH Election Law related to the Federation of BiH.