The President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić said today that the situation around energy is terrible, and that it will get even worse.

“The situation is a lot more difficult than people believe, given that the people are not used to the scale of a crisis like this in any of our countries. The situation is terrible because we are spending all of our money, everything that we had done right in the last 10 years. Everything we have done could be gone in six months, through no fault of our own.”

According to him, the matter of whether we will have enough gas for households is not the only issue.

“Let’s say that we will, but what are we going to do with businesses? Are we going to have enough money? Who is going to pay for that? The country or those companies? They will not have any money. We still regard energy as a social category. We cannot compare to the Germans or the French. They are able to deliver funds to businesses, but how are we supposed to do that, other than if we de facto subsidize the price of electricity?,” said the President of Serbia.

He added that he would be very pleased if peace were to take hold tomorrow, but he feared that it would not be the case.

“If peace took hold tomorrow, I could jump to the ceiling. I would jump like Sergey Bubka, six meters, but, unfortunately, this is going to go on for a while. We will help each other out, the situation is awful, but it will get even worse,” he concluded.