Serb member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Presidency, Milorad Dodik, told SRNA that the arrogance shown by the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, exceeded the importance of the role he thought he had and that he was certainly not someone who should be asked about what the Western Balkans needed or should not do.

 “It is politically indecent for him to give advice to anyone, including us in the Balkans. His views do not concern us and are not the ones we should follow”, said Dodik regarding Zelensky’s address to the people of Cetinje, in which he said that sanctions against Russia were mandatory, that Russia was a threat to everyone and that “it is of no less importance for the Balkans”.

Dodik said that Zelensky had those who sympathized with him, but that he believes that others in the Western Balkans also think that such a blatant suggestion is groundless and that lecturing about what one should do is absolutely not adequate for the time, and especially not adequate the role Zelensky plays in it.

“Man imagined he could lecture everyone else and judge who is on the right path and who is down the wrong path. That should be rejected as something that came from a side that was not asked at all”, emphasized Dodik.

He said that Republika Srpska remained neutral when it came to the Ukrainian crisis.

“Situation over there is changing. I don’t think we should run after events of one sort or another and give our assessment of them. We will remain neutral in our desire for the war to end, and how things will look, what will happen, it does not concern us, nor can we influence it”, said Dodik.