Dr. Aleksandar Raković, the scientific advisor of the Institute for Recent History of Serbia, said today to the Radio-Television of Serbia that Macron and Scholz’s proposal was offensive and that it was unacceptable for Serbia, which Vučić had already said at a press conference.
Raković especially stressed that accepting that proposal would be like “selling faith for dinner” because we would be expected to renounce Kosovo and Metohija, which is the pillar of the identity of the Serbian church, the Serbian nation and the Serbian people, for “faster admission into the European Union” and alleged “financial compensations”.

Apart from that, Raković said that Serbia may not under any circumstances impose sanctions on Russia, because in doing so it would be losing its most important ally in international forums as it concerns the preservation of the territorial integrity of the Republic of Serbia in Kosovo and Metohija, and that the policy of neutrality is the only path for Serbia.

Raković concluded that Ukraine stands no chance in the conflict with Russia and that the war will end in Ukraine’s defeat, the reintegration of New Russia into Russia and the entry of Russia into Kyiv, reported the Radio-Television of Serbia.