Russia is worried about the worsening situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and it believes that the outbreak of a new conflict in Europe would not suit anybody’s interests, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Alexander Grushko said today.

Grushko pointed out that Russia had always taken the position that all geopolitical games in that region should be terminated, leaving it up to the countries to choose their own fate.

“In that regard, of course, Bosnia and Herzegovina is in a fairly vulnerable position, which worries us because it is in nobody’s interest to create another conflict in the center of Europe, but obviously there are certain circles that are not interested in security, and most importantly, that is the continuation of this fight for world hegemony and preventing the countries from making free choices,” Grushko said for TASS.

Grushko pointed out that the West sees the Western Balkans as an arena for a geopolitical fight against the Russian Federation.

“We are carefully monitoring the developments in the situation and it is our hope that the current crisis will soon be overcome in accordance with the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said Grushko.

He stressed that Russia is not changing its relationship with the political leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina at all, and that it has a very good relationship with Milorad Dodik, as the leader of the Serbian people, who is firmly taking the position of protecting the legitimate interests of Serbs.