Numerous intellectuals in Serbia and Srpska, as well as abroad, have signed a petition of support for Milorad Dodik and the Serbian people of the Republic of Srpska, organized and launched by the info-portal Fakti regarding the results of the election and attempts to destabilize the Republic of Srpska.

The petition-warning that nobody may change and annul the results of the election, has already been signed by 129 distinguished individuals.

“We, the signed below, led by love for the Republic of Srpska and all of its citizens, lend our reputation and our word to public support for the newly elected President of the Republic of Srpska, Milorad Dodik, the winner of the election held on October 2, 2022,” says the text of the petition.

The signatories have pointed out that they are putting their unequivocal support to the democratically stated will of the Serbian people in the Republic of Srpska, whose right to freely elect its own political representatives may not be challenged, rewritten, changed or annulled by anybody.

“On the other hand, we publicly condemn any attempts of malfeasance and illegal actions of the Central Electoral Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the support to any such actions by certain international actors in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the aim to challenge the undeniable victory of Milorad Dodik, thereby introducing the Republic of Srpska and the Serbian people into a state of political and economic instability,” said the petition.

Keeping in mind all of the above, the signatories of the petition have stated their strong support for Dodik and the institutions of the Republic of Srpska in the defense of the integrity of the electoral process, the democratic will of the Serbian people, and the protection of the constitutional order guaranteed by the Dayton Peace Agreement.