The wedding celebration of Serbian newlyweds from Kosovska Kamenica will be remembered by a certain “congratulations” delivered to the celebration’s hosts by the Kosovo police officers due to “loud music”.

In the moment when the groom, according to old Serbian traditions, came to pick up the bride, a Kosovo Police patrol also pulled up in front of the celebrants’ house to notify the attendees that they have been reported for playing their music too loud and that the officers would give them a fine for it.

According to the wedding attendees, the music was not at all loud.

“We were gathered in keeping with our customs. There was a piano player and a singer to entertain about thirty or so gathered guests. The music was not loud and none of the neighbors complained,” one of the wedding attendees said.

“The police arrived shortly after 12 PM and requested the music to stop, which the hosts complied. We thought that everything was over and that things were settled, but later the police officers went to the church where the wedding ceremony was held and presented the host of the celebration with a fine,” another of the guests recounted.

The witnesses of this unfortunate event said that the bride’s family lives in an Albanian neighborhood and that the family had never had problems with them, Albanian neighbors had even visited to congratulate the family of the bride in the days leading up to the wedding.

The local residents pointed out that there are only three Serbian families living in this part of Kamenica, while the rest are all Albanians, and that they could not even begin to guess who reported the loud music or why, when everything was normal and the music was not disturbing anyone.