The timing of the shift of pressure from the Republic of Srpska to Serbia is incredible.

The failed color revolution, packaged as the defeat of the opposition, retreated quickly after a public rally of the leading coalition in Banja Luka.

The day after the clear messages that were heard from the leading parties, that the Republic of Srpska has a strong foundation soaked in the blood of those that created it, and that it cannot be destroyed because that blood runs through the veins of the descendants of those who attended the rally, a new wave of pressure released from Kosovo and Metohija began immediately.

New threats made by the current separatist authorities in Priština, packaged as the “re-registration of vehicles” is a clear signal of the front from which the West is attacking Serbia. New attacks, arrests, mistreatment of Serbs in Kosovo can already be expected, as if following a pattern, although all of this never stopped to begin with.

After the election in the Republic of Srpska, these letters may serve as a warning of a new wave of attacks against Serbs. This should also pose a warning to Serbs in the Republic of Srpska, not to let their guards down, and instead of assessing the “damage” of mutual accusations, prepare for new colored waves of pressure, which will come before they know it.

It is time that Serbs, as a people, through their institutions, finally work on not letting the future surprise us, but let us surprise the future!

Filip Fićović